CASAURBA is an electronic platform for the management of urban planning authorisations, launched in 2013 in the city of Casablanca, it allows users to make appointments online to submit their applications and follow up the progress of their projects.

The new version of CASAURBA has been operational since December 2017, and provides an enhanced user experience and completely paperless procedures, notably through the integration of an electronic signature device.

CASAURBA 2.0 offers a wide array of high value-added functions for both the user and the administration:

  • Paperless procedures (Zero Paper)
  • Tools for measuring and annotating plans;
  • Electronic signature of all documents (minutes, plans, decisions, ...),
  •  Full traceability of  actions and management of versioning of files;
  • Automatic generation of schedules and commissions' agendas;
  • Geoportal for approved projects, updated in real time.

This meant that the submission of physical files is no longer required for processing applications for urban planning authorisations. Thus, instead of making an appointment to submit the physical file, the applicant arranges an online appointment with the commission in charge of the file. The latter can follow the progress of his/her file via the platform, or through e-mail notifications or SMS sent by the CASAURBA system at each major event. He/she can also download the annotated drawings, view the commission's comments and interact with them, before he/she attaches the updated architectural drawings, if the commission considers it necessary.

As for the single window for urban planning, files are assigned automatically to all the members of the commission (whether permanent or occasional) and are processed directly on the CASAURBA platform. The commission views the digital documents and reviews the architectural drawings using a set of annotation tools provided by the system. At the end of this process, All the documents (minutes of the commission, decisions, approved drawings ,..etc) are electronically signed by the stakeholders.

In order to cover the full life cycle of construction projects and improve the quality of services offered to users and administrations concerned, the CASAURBA 2.0 platform also addresses the procedures related to urban planning authorisations, namely the issuance of building permits, permit to inhabit and certificates of conformity in a fully dematerialised manner.

As part of the implementation of the project on the use of new technologies aiming at improving the quality of services provided to citizens, the Ministry of Interior has launched since July 2019, a new platform called "", an interactive and nationally unified platform, that is designed to process and issue urban planning authorisations in an electronic manner by the local and regional authorities.

This platform, which is the product of a public-private partnership, has built on the experience of CASAURBA, it includes two categories of procedures namely:

  • Urban planning authorisations : building permit, permit to inhabit , certificate of conformity
  • Economic authorisations : self-employed entrepreneurs, classified Institutions, telecommunication facilities, advertising displays… etc,

The "Open Data" portal was also launched, it contains open statistical data and publishes indicators that are accurate, updated daily and designed as a tool for supporting decision-making tool and continuously improving the quality of services rendered. The content of this portal is fed from that of ROKHAS platform.