The adoption of the new decree on the National Commission for Public Procurement in September 2015, aims at establishing an administrative body, which is composed of experts in the area of public procurement and works independently from the payers (authorising officers and contractors/project owners).

The reform of the former commission reflects the commitment of the government to implement the provisions of the constitution, in particular Articles 35 and 36, and demonstrates its determination to establish the principles of freedom of access, equal treatment and transparency in the public procurement process.

The mission of this commission will be to ensure the correct application of the regulation on public procurement, address complaints submitted by competitors who believe they have been eliminated from the competition in a manner inconsistent with the regulation, and examine the legal difficulties associated with the execution of public procurements.

This reform will contribute to:

  • Strengthening the commission's role by giving it a clear mandate and improving its position with regard to appeal;
  • Opening of the commission on professional organisations through the revision of its composition and organisation;
  • Revision of the procedures relating to requests for opinions submitted by both administrations and competitors.